Bramley Apple Pie Mixes

bramely apple pie mixes bramely apple pie mixes bramely apple pie mixes

Bramley Apple Pie Mixes

Orchard Fresh Foods offers a range of Bramley Apple Pie Mixes. Freshly cut Bramley apple pieces are further processed and mixed with a number of key ingredients.

The Apple Pie Mix is available in a range of sizes and cuts.

  • Diced Bramley Apple Pie Mix 10mm or 20mm
  • Kitchen Cut Bramley Apple Pie Mix

Additional ingredients such as berries can be added to make Bramley Apple and Berry Mixes.

Packaging and Shelf Life

Alternative preservative dips of ascorbic acid or SO2 are available. Apple Pie Mixes preserved with SO2 have a shelf life of 1 month. Apple pie mixes preserved with ascorbic acid have a shelf life of 2 weeks.

There are various packaging options. Products are packed in quantities of 10kg, 15kg, 20kg and 25kg. Larger quantities of up to 1000kgs can be supplied in large bulk stainless steel tanks.

All products can be tailored to meet customers' specific needs and samples are available on request.