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Orchard Fresh Foods Ltd specialises in growing and processing natural Bramley apples. As natural apple growers we have many years of experience and a genuine passion for growing apples. We sell fresh Bramley apple for wholesale and retail trade. We are apple pie producers supplying processed apple for the catering and bakery market. Our range of processed apple products includes fresh and apple pie mix. We also offer rhubarb and berry pie mixes.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is high and we aim to provide a quality service from the growing of the apples until the finished product delivered to our customer.

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Packing and Sorting Facility

Here at Orchard Fresh Foods Ltd we have upgraded our facilities with a new state of the art sorting and packing machine. With this upgrade we can offer our customer a wide range of packaging options according to our customers’ needs for top quality Bramley apples at a competitive price.

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Our Pack House

fresh processed bramley apple

Kitchen cut fresh bramley apple

Fresh Processed Bramley Apple Pieces are available in a range of cuts and can be preserved with ascorbic acid or SO2 depending on your needs.

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bramley apple pie mixes

Diced bramley apple pie mix

We offer a range of Bramley Apple Pie Mixes. Freshly cut Bramley apple pieces are further processed and mixed with a number of key ingredients.

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bramley apples

Bramley apples

Bramley apples are available from Orchard Fresh Foods in a range of packaging options.

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